Cricket is a full service interior design firm based in Toronto and specializes in hospitality & retail work with a focus on foodservice. We are a member of the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO), IDC, CRFA, COCA and CCUFSA, and are registered with the government of Ontario to stamp drawings under a BCIN number for Large Buildings.

The company was formed in 1988 and has fielded over 1,000 diverse projects including restaurants of all sizes and levels, entertainment facilities, college and university bar and dining work. Our experience has taken us into the world of new brands, chain restaurants, institutional foodservice and student-run operations.

The firm believes that successful hospitality concepts must be catchy enough to establish market differentiation but must not be merely superficial “one shot wonders” which quickly become yesterday’s news. Design concept cannot be separated from menu, service style and other core values of the operator. While the restaurant industry is known for its high turnover rate, Cricket’s hospitality projects are remarkable for their long-term success and longevity.

Founding partner & principal Chris Hannah has been practicing Interior Design since graduating from Ryerson University in 1980. He is a member of the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO), and has served on the various committees. He also teaches design at Ryerson University on a part time basis. As well as our own professional association, Chris regularly participates in foodservice group conferences, trade shows and has been a regular contributing writer for restaurant trade publications.

The entire Cricket team is design-trained, and includes people with hands-on restaurant experience at various levels. This helps give us an understanding, not only of simple functional issues, but also of the complexities of patron and staff interaction with space. The firm conducts continuous research in restaurant trends through teaching, writing, and public speaking, through tours with restaurant operators and in networking with food service industry leaders.

The ideal project for us is one that brings us in at the earliest possible stage. The genesis of a foodservice or retail concept will benefit from the meeting of the minds of all of the professionals who will touch the project from real estate, through culinary staff, to design & construction teams. We believe that as much as design is the icing on the cake, the foundation of the design needs to be workable and practical. Teamwork at all levels is the key to a beautiful and successful design.

Being involved at or before the site selection stage also helps in getting the most bang for the buck. A site may offer ‘good bones’ that can work with the concept in order to stretch the budget while maintaining concept integrity. Being able to re-purpose existing elements also leads to a greener design approach with less waste and possibly less time.

Most importantly we feel that good interior design is founded on rich dialogue. Our ability to listen, and to become part of a continuing discussion about the project offers not only a successful result, but also a design that bears the signature of the many players involved. The design process is by no means easy, but it should be fun. By checking ego at the door, the process and the final result are something the whole team can be proud of.

We offer full design services including:

  • site review and assessment
  • analysis of programmatic needs
  • creative concept initiation and development
  • planning and interior detailing
  • furnishing, finishes and fixture design
  • coordination of consultant team
  • full contract working drawings for permit & construction purposes
  • BCIN stamping for building permit
  • development of tender documents and tender review
  • sourcing & purchasing of project specific artifacts & accessories

Through strategic alliances with allied firms, Cricket Design Company Inc. can create a team, which includes:

  • market analysis
  • registered architectural services (on premises)
  • structural engineering
  • mechanical & electrical engineering
  • kitchen equipment specification
  • graphic design
  • construction management